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All quote requests must be accompanied by at least 36 inches of each of the yarns you want us to work with.  The form below is provided for your convenience.  You may also email the information to us, but we will not provide a firm quote without yarn samples. 

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Quote Request Form

Farm Name

I am interested in
Other Product
Approximate finished length (if other than standard)
Approximate finished width (if other than standard)
Total Quantity Requested
Warp Yarns (if preference)
Weft Yarns (if preference)

Estimate of yarn required per unit of finished product:

Scarves  5-6 ounces
Wraps  12-13 ounces
Throws  26-30 ounces

Additional Comments/ Product Specifications:

Instructions:  Print this page using your browser's print function.  (You may email the info instead, but we still need your yarn samples.)  Send the printed page(s) along with at least 36" of each yarn to:

North Brook Mill HandWovens
Laura Busky
96 South Street
Berlin, MA  01503

Questions?  Contact Laura at 978.838.7391  OR

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