Terms & Conditions

Pattern appearance will be affected by the weight of your yarn and the colors you choose. North Brook Mill will gladly advise you on the expected outcome of your choices, but we are not responsible for the end result of your choices.

Each product run is unique.  As such, the quantity of items ordered may fluctuate from the quoted amount.  In other words, we may plan for 6 items, but actually only get 5.  We might also get 7.  North Brook Mill is not responsible for these fluctuations.  You will be charged according to the number of items that are woven rather than the quoted number.  All loom waste (thrums) and/or short woven pieces (end pieces) will be returned to you with your products.

North Brook Mill reserves the right to reject an order if the yarns provided are not acceptable for the finished items chosen. Rejected orders will be returned to the yarn owner at the yarn owner's expense.

North Brook Mill requires all warp yarns to be mill spun. Handspun yarns may be used in the weft.

Payment is expected when products are ready to be returned to you.  North Brook Mill reserves the right to hold products until full payment has been received.

North Brook Mill Guarantee:
Our purpose is to turn your yarn into handwoven products. While your yarn is in our care, we guarantee to store it properly and handle it with care. If your yarn becomes unusable due to our negligence, we will reimburse you for the yarn as follows:

100% alpaca yarns made from primary (blanket) fiber $4.50 per ounce
Other alpaca yarns (blended and/or spun from secondary fiber) quoted on request
All other yarns quoted on request

Shipping Policy:
Unless otherwise requested, North Brook Mill ships product via USPS Parcel Post with delivery confirmation.  We add insurance for the amount of the yarn value (based on our guaranteed reimbursement amounts above) unless the customer waives the insurance and assumes the risk of loss.  All shipping fees are added to our invoice.


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